After the main character receives the receipt, he gets his medication. This makes the video more believable and realistic. For the tablets we have used Tic Tacs, which we put in an old medication bottle.


Prescription Receipt

In order to make it clear that the main character need medication to deal with his problems, and to make it more believable, Jake has made a fake prescription receipt. It has a few┬áreferences to the video, such as the logo/name of the pharmacy, DRK, which is a short for Dark; links back to the title of the song we chose, Dark Necessities. Another reference is in the doctor’s name: Dr. D Necess.


One of the most obvious props we used in our video are the instruments in the performance element. We are planning to use drums, guitar and bass in order to reinforce the genre and give the audience a better idea of the genre we selected to follow and base our video in. This also makes the video look more realistic, and that’s reinforced further by the fact that the band members that act for us in the video are actually musicians and can play the song well.

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