Reflection on First Filming Session

First Filming Session

1. Try to stabilise the camera during handheld shots – use the motion smoothing button on the screen of the camera.
2. Lighting – we have changed the lighting throughout filming, however that could come in as a problem when editing, as one shot will be in blue, and then the second shot might be in red, and will not look continuous. We were trying to achieve the look of four camera filming one take, so the lighting would have to be changed at the same time in each take. We can only do that with one camera, since there is only one of decent quality, and that’s why the lighting would have to be the same.
3. Train camera on one performer per take.
4. Ask performers to exaggerate movements.
– Star Image
– Entertainment value
5. Try to avoid zooming in and out – looks amateur-ish.
6. Play around with rack focusing.
– Draws attention
7. Interact more with the band.