Supporting Characters Costumes


For the therapist scene we decided to dress Tanisha in business wear, to make her look professional. This helps the audience in identifying her character as a therapist.


Main Character Costumes

Costume 1

This is the costume in which we see the main character at the beginning of the music video. The dark colours (mostly black) reinforce the problems he is facing, such as his violent nature. The colour red on the t-shirt can signify danger from his side, and helps the audience to identify him as the violent guy in the scene.

Costume 2

When going to his therapy session to get help, the character changes his appearance. He’s wearing less black, therefore creating the illusion of him coming to terms with his problem, and helping the audience identify that he wants to change. The grey colour also could signify balance, as it’s a cool, neutral, giving the audience and impression of a changed mindset.

Band Costumes

For the photoshoots and filming sessions we asked the band members to wear what they would normally wear, and luckily their style fit in perfectly with the image we were hoping to create in order to appeal to the audience.

The dark colours of the clothes reinforce the genre and therefore give the audience an idea of what music the band plays. The red shirt one of the guys wore fits in with the theme of the video and Digi-Pak giving it an interesting and engaging theme.

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