5. Multi-Cam


Multi-Cam – Guide

  1. Get a hold of an MP3 track – we used One Call Away by Charlie Puth.
  2. Film your footage, using a variety of angles – we filmed Lauren playing on the guitar.
  3. Import the footage and audio into Premiere Pro.
  4. Once it’s imported choose four (or any number) of videos and sync them together with the music (on different viewing panels).
  5. Create a “New Sequence from Clip” from the footage you have just synced. It will open a new multi-camera target sequence, in the “Program Monitor” and “Timeline” panel.
  6. Enable “Multi-camera Recording” by clicking the “Multi-camera Record” toggle button on.
  7. Play the sequence and whilst it’s playing, press the number key on the main keyboard to cut to the camera with that number.
  8. You can then refine the video by using the “Crop” tool in order to get it exactly where you want and export when happy.