Slow Motion Lip Sync – Guide

Slow motion lip syncing is a technique where the video appears to be shot in slow motion, however, the singer’s lips are perfectly in sync. It can be achieved in a few easy steps:

  1. Get hold of a track (mp3).
  2. Import it into Adobe Audition.
  3. When imported, it will come as audio and video; delete the video.
  4. Delete majority of the audio, leaving at least 5 seconds before the part you want to use.
  5. Delete to the point you want it to last to.
  6. Click on Effects, Time and Pitch, and Stretch and Pitch (Process).
  7. Speed the song up to the point you want (for our video, the original lasted for 90s, ad we sped it up to 60s).
  8. When the audio is ready, export it and go shoot the video. The song will be sped up, so that later when put back to the original length, it will appear as if the video is slow, but the lip syncing will be normal.

A good example of an existing music video that uses this technique is Yellow by Coldplay. In the video, the lead singer is walking along a beach singing the song, but he is walking in slow motion. We can also notice that the video is slowed down by looking at the waves in the background.