Reflection on First Filming Session

First Filming Session

1. Try to stabilise the camera during handheld shots – use the motion smoothing button on the screen of the camera.
2. Lighting – we have changed the lighting throughout filming, however that could come in as a problem when editing, as one shot will be in blue, and then the second shot might be in red, and will not look continuous. We were trying to achieve the look of four camera filming one take, so the lighting would have to be changed at the same time in each take. We can only do that with one camera, since there is only one of decent quality, and that’s why the lighting would have to be the same.
3. Train camera on one performer per take.
4. Ask performers to exaggerate movements.
– Star Image
– Entertainment value
5. Try to avoid zooming in and out – looks amateur-ish.
6. Play around with rack focusing.
– Draws attention
7. Interact more with the band.






Lauren’s Research Feedback – Location & Props

Research done by Lauren

Location and Props:

  • Both location and props contribute to the perceived genre of the video. They both need to match the genre of the video, otherwise it would look odd.
  • Location and props should be relevant to the lyrics, and props should be taken literally.
  • If the video narrative is different to the lyrics the video will most likely be not successful.
  • The primary purpose of the video is to promote the artist, therefore if the concept of the video doesn’t match the song (lyrics) the song and the artist are not being promoted well.
  • Andrew Goodwin – Believed that there is a relationship between the lyrics and the video.
  • McBusted – Air Guitar: In order to promote themselves correctly they made sure their video had the typical rock video codes and conventions. This can be noticed in the prop use, for instance the band uses their instruments in the video, which is a typical concept in a rock genre video.
  • The location also supports the genre, which is a large studio, making it easier for a big band that they are to fit in.
  • There is an amp which reinforces the genre even further as rock bands are known for being quite heavy with their instruments.
  • San Holo – Fly: the use of a drone reinforces the idea of the song’s lyrics – supports Andrew Goodwin.